Seadry Hook 600gr. (Qty. 20)

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Seadry Hook 600gr. (Qty. 20)
Recommended usage: • For container loads not packed right up to the walls. Name: SeaDry Hook 600g Item number: 625.006 Performance: > 1.2 litres water absorption - Dimensions: 910 x 165 x 25mm (L x W x H) Weight: 600g desiccant - Packaging: 20 units in PE bag in box Execution type: 5 sachets as chain With stable hook for hanging, underside with barrier foil and adhesive pads Contents: Calcium chloride (salt), modified starch Cover materials: Underside humidity barrier made of PA/PE film. Topside Tyvek®: tear-resistant, dust-proof, moisture permeable
  • Nummer.: 625.006
  • Aantal per doos.: 20
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