Seadry Hook 1.200gr. (Qty. 10)

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Seadry Hook 1.200gr. (Qty. 10)
Recommended usage: • For container loads not packed right up to the walls. SeaDry Hooks should be evenly distributed and hung from container lash hooks below the ceiling. For optimal effect, leave uncovered. Name: SeaDry Hook 1200g Performance: > 2.4 litres water absorption Dimensions: 1720 x 165 x 25mm (L x W x H) Weight: 1200g desiccant Packaging: 10 units in PE bag in box Execution type: 10 sachets as chain With stable hook for hanging, underside with barrier foil and adhesive pads
  • Nummer.: 625.012
  • Aantal per doos.: 10
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